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Click here for the Ethic Charter of Aikido and the Code of Conductfrom the Aiki Kai Foundation (Hombu Dojo).


Ô- Mei Kai Kimori Dojo

Silicon Valley Branch

Kimori Dojo SVB offers traditional Aikido to adults in San Jose, and beyond.  The dojo is under the direct supervision of Toshiharu Sawada Shihan, 7th Dan, Nagoya Japan


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Fall 2016 Seminar

We were pleased to host Sensei Toshiharu Sawada's 3rd Aikido seminar in Silicon valley. Join us again next year at around the same time for another weekend of awesome Aikido.

A Thought...

"If the spirit is strong one will appear like a deep-flowing river, calm on the surface, but with tremendous power hidden in the depths."

- Hideharu Onuma

Kyudo Hanshi, 9th Dan